doublEEco Projects- Cabbage Patch Community Introduction

I am currently starting a new long term project (as opposed to my set term or pop up projects, this one could go on, and on, and on). The aim is to improve my local area in a number of ways- community integration, design and advocacy being the starting 3.

For a bit of background, the area Im from is in central Dublin, very close to St Patricks Cathedral and on the edge of the Liberties. It is one of the oldest parts of the city though to look at the buildings you would never know it. The area centres around a park, called the Cabbage Patch or Cabbage Garden after its use to grow cabbage to feed the troopes during the war. The park is tucked away at the centre of a dense block which is mostly residential but with a sprinkling of other uses.

The first problem I am tackling is the litter and dumping which is prevalent throughout the area using new reporting methods for the county council and trying to get the community involved in reporting and preventing it. I began a little over a month ago and have had some luck- some dumping incidents have been cleared and the area got a full spring clean! This is the usual state of the area- its really abominable and has gotten so much worse since the rubbish collection has been privitised.

Luckily after some bugging and the spring clean it looked more like this-

It didnt stay that way for long but now that the community has seen change they are starting to report incidents and the people who are dumping. Hopefully this is stage one of an ongoing process. Watch this space for more!

I have to give a shout out to the guys at who have been part of the reporting of these problems and are doing a great job!

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