Sometimes I feel like we are still fighting the fight our Mothers and Grandmothers are meant to have won- only now its more insidious because all the lipservice and PR makes it look like equality has been achieved, yet Women still earn 17% less than their male colleagues (Ireland gender pay gap, Eurostat 2008). We broke the glass ceiling and have had all the firsts but the honest truth is we still have to squeeze through a tighter funnel and work harder to be equal. Its a sad state of affairs!

Landscape Architecture Magazine

DSBFor Pete’s sake, what year is this? Denise Scott Brown and her fans are still having to make the case for her being included with her husband, Robert Venturi, on the Pritzker Architecture Prize he received in 1991 for work they indisputably did together? The Pritzker snub of Scott Brown has for years been a source of shame in the architecture family. It just came back to light after a comment Scott Brown made to the Architects’ Journal last month about the exclusion. They asked, and she answered. Then came a wave of fresh outrage. You can get the whole background as part of a terrific new interview with Scott Brown on Architect magazine’s website. You can also visit the petition posted on to the Pritzker Architecture Prize committee to redress the omission of Scott Brown. There are more than 4,000 signatures so far. There are angry, incredulous comments…

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