How far is it?- Walkability and wayfinding projects…

Considering my recent Dublin City Beta proposal you may not find it surprising that I have a collection of walking/wayfinding projects in my inspiration pile (aka Pinterest…).

First up is the awesome Walk [Your City] project. Crowdfunded on Kickstarter, guerilla style wayfinding signs let you know how far it is on a human scale. It has now been rolled out in about 40 cities and was one of the inspirations for my beta project-

Walk [Your City]

Metrominuto is a subway style map for walkable neighbourhoods. Developed by the local authority to encourage walking in Pontevedra, Northern Spain its easy reading form and ‘meters/minutes’ measurement take the guess work out of chosing to walk. Personally I like the addition of parks and parking icons giving people the choice to ‘park and walk’ or to take the scenic route and get some nature time in. The concept is deceptivly simple but having tried to do one for Dublin I would say dont underestimate its genius.


Walk score is a commercial application for walkability- using mapping of resources to give areas a walkability rating. Useful for estate agents and making smart choices about where to live, there is a question about this inflating rents in walkable neighbourhoods and essentially causing a social devide. On the positive side its at least trying to move people away car dependent real estate choices. Expanding the application or reverse engineering the app to tell you how to improve a low scoring neighbourhood would be a great application for the tool.

Walk Score

Those three projects cover an interesting range for me- from citizen led to commercial application, from a single sign to a large high tech database, just showing there are many ways to improve walkability.

Keep an eye out for a future post on biking projects!

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